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Community Presentations

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Those of us who have joined Marriage Encounter Communities, often find that it is suddenly our turn to give the talk. What to dialogue on? What is important to us at this time?

We know that the key to giving a "good talk" is coming up with our own set of questions to aid in our discovery of our own feelings and our own set of assumptions that we bring to the table. A "good talk", after all, is one that has brought closer the people who are in dialogue. It's very personal. It's not about universal truths, although they do come up on occasion. Perhaps one of the farthest reaching benefits we have gained from our encounter weekend is discerning which questions to ask ourselves and each other. We no longer try to solve everything, but to keep asking, asking, until the knot untangles itself in discovery.

So we share some of the questions that have been the backbone of "good talks" in our St. Cloud/St. Joseph community this year.

On being a married team/partners:
This talk focussed on the level of harmony in our marriage, a feeling of partnership referring to our closeness and sense of working with and for each other.

(remember to include feelings.)
What is my own definition of being a full partner to you, of being a team with you?
What surrounding elements are necessary to be good partners?
Why should we work as a team?
Give examples of us working well as a team.How did I feel?
Examples of us NOT working well as a team. How did I feel?
What were my expectations of our partnership when we were first married? What would we each bring to our marriage?
TODAY, what do I expect from you as MY partner?
What may get in the way of me being YOUR perfect partner?

Community dialogue after presentation:
When was the last time we were a really good team?
What were the contributing factors that made it a good partnership?

On supporting each other when we are both overwhelmed:
This talk started out as a dialogue on how we sometimes choose to be easy-going and other times refuse to lighten up. It gained focus in mid-discovery and honed in on the topic of feeling overwhelmed.

What is my personal definition of happiness as an emotion? Give examples of recently feeling "happy".
How important is it to me to "be happy"?
Why would I support you, trying to help you feel happy on an average day?
What do I need when I am drained? What revives me?
When my partner needs support (is crabby, overwhelmed, upset,etc.), what do I THINK he/she needs? How do I respond? How do I feel when my partner needs me in this way?
What can we do together to support each other when we are both overwhelmed?

Community dialogue after presentation:
What are MY signals of stress/ that I need support?
What are my partner's signals of stress/ a need for support?
How do I feel when I recognize my partner's signals of stress?

On planning a family vacation:

What is my own definition of a family vacation?
Give a brief history of my family vacation experiences as a child.
What is my favorite family vacation or family vacation spot ever?
What made it special?
What were the important feelings?
As I look ahead to our upcoming family vacation, what elements are most important to me, now that I am the adult?
How do I feel as I look ahead to this vacation experience?
How do I expect to feel if our plans go awry? How can you help in this situation?

Community dialogue after presentation:
Looking ahead to our summer/ holiday: What do I want to be sure we make time for as a family?
What feelings do I hope to capture with this experience?

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